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Tax Return Accountant for Small Business

Are you a small business that needs to lodge a tax return?

Do you feel your business is too small to engage a tax accountant?

Are you a sub-contractor?

A dedicated tax accountant for small businesses can help prepare and lodge your small business tax returns and BAS lodgements.

Lodging your small business tax returns can be stressful. Engaging a tax return accountant specializing in small business tax returns can save you time and money.

Small businesses that operate under a company structure must also lodge a company tax return each year and their personal tax return.

Am I a small business?

A small business is a business that has a yearly turnover of $200k up to $2 million. Business turnover less than $200k are considered micro-businesses.

Micro and small businesses must submit their business tax with the ATO. A small business tax accountant can make this easier for you.

What if I can’t find a small business tax accountant near me?

Technology has changed how we can do business, which applies even to the accountant with whom you choose to complete your tax returns. Having a tax agent online can reduce the costs of visiting your tax accountant each year. Tax returns can be completed and lodged via phone, email, and Zoom.

Are you seeking an income tax professional to work out the tax on your business income?

A tax specialist specializing in Small business tax returns in Australia can save you money. Understanding depreciation, taxable and non-taxable expenses to Cash, and accrual accounting techniques can be the difference between getting audited and not.

How much does a small business tax return cost?

Some accountants use time-based billing, which means the less prepared you are, the more it costs.

I used fixed-cost billing. Each small business tax return costs $300 + GST.

If you are a sole trader, this can include any wages you have worked during the year.

If you operate from a Company, Trust, or Partnership, you will need to submit a personal tax return.

A personal tax return starts at $100 + GST

To make a booking, please get in contact with us today.

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