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As a business owner you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. At Nathan Ray, I provide personalized service in managing your company’s finances. I cater to a variety of different industries, all of which require different accounting skills and expertise. See how I can customise my financial services to fit your unique situation.


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I have worked closely with many small trade and construction businesses. I am dedicated to keeping up to date with current building legislation and with the QBCC for your licensing requirements. Trade and construction businesses are expense heavy and with that I know how to get the best results for your small business.

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Manufacturing requires good cost accounting. Inventory reconciling, Storage, Staffing, Suppliers and customers. Manufacturing has many moving parts and each needs to be accounted for correctly.

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Trusted Accounting Services

Running a transport company is difficult. Time is everything. Making sure your transportation is working well for you is a must. As your vehicle is the main driver of income the expenses involved in deriving this income can be quite variable. Fuel costs, Vehicle maintenance, Registrations and Insurance. Keeping a good track of your running costs can help you make better decisions regarding your asset.


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Professional services vary greatly within the business sector. There are a range of expenses that comes with these careers. Professional Development, Training days, seminars, interstate work, working from home. 

There are a huge amount of expenses that can possibly be claimed. 

If you are unsure whether or not your current accountant is working for you then give me a call for a friendly chat about your business.


Our Expertise

I love working with Apprentices and Trainees. Apprentices that I have worked with enjoy better refunds then their tradespeople they work with. This is because while you are learning I work with you to understand what the ATO requires of you with your deductions.
Are you claiming your vehicle correctly?
I offer a discounted rate to process apprentice and trainees tax returns.

I want to help your business succeed. Get in touch to see what business services I can provide.

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