• Nathan Ray

Why does my Tax Agent need access to my ATO Portal?

The ATO tax agent portal is used by all tax agents to see the status of your taxes. If you have any tax returns that are overdue then they will be seen here.

Changes to your details such as mailing address, phone, email and authorized access.

If you are in need of contacting the ATO or submitting either the returns, letters or forms then this can be completed in the ATO tax agent portal.

The tax agent is then able to redirect your mail to their address where it can be monitored by the Tax agent.

The ATO Portal for Tax Agents is used by the tax office to compare Tax Agents across the country.

If your agent is not lodging at least 85% on time then your Tax Agent is going to get a please explain from the ATO.

This unwanted attention can cause significant damage to your small business and the mental health that is strained during ATO contact.

Your Tax Agent should be standing in for you if this should happen.

Previous years filings are all registered and the outcomes can be seen. This type of insight helps us to understand where your business has been and where it is going

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